Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Message From Pastor Bob Regarding The Coronavirus

Dear Amboy Baptist Family,

It has been a crazy few days as the Coronavirus has become a global pandemic.  The Governor has prohibited large gatherings in the state, collegiate and professional sports leagues are cancelling events and school districts are suspending classes for extended periods of time.  As your pastor, I am concerned about your spiritual health, but I am also concerned about your physical well-being.  With that in mind, and after talking with other pastors, this is how I want to respond to this issue.

Worship Services:  At this point we are planning to continue meeting for church each Sunday morning.  If we need to cancel church services or events, we will inform everyone.

Protection at Church:  We will forego our usual “meet and greet” time during our Sunday worship service.  As we started last week, no handshaking or hugging.  Please stay home if you are not feeling well or if you have concerns about being in public places during this time.

Fellowship/Pot Luck:  Although this has become an integral part of our Sunday morning experience, at this time I believe it is prudent to suspend this activity.  I am sorry.         (We can still have cake this Sunday to wish Luke a fond farewell.) 

Sports Camp:  I believe it is too early to make a decision on that.  I suspect over the next few weeks, that decision will become self-evident to all.

Prayer:  Pray for those with the virus and for the protection of those most vulnerable.  Ask God to use this crisis as an opportunity to spread the Good News about Jesus to those who need to know Him personally.

Pastor Bob