Bible Study Pages


Use these Bible Study pages to help you meditate on the scriptures that you read. 

Do you need help remembering what you read in the Bible each day? Maybe you start out with good intentions to live out your Bible lessons, only to forget to be Christ-like during your commute. Do you have a New Year's Resolution to read and retain more of the Word of God?

Try using these Bible study pages to help you dig a little deeper into your daily reading routine. These pages, which are free to download and print, feature the S.O.A.P. method of Bible study. S.O.A.P is a method of Bible study that helps you to slow down and think about what you've just read and create a plan on how to live it out. 

S - Scripture

Write down the scripture that you've read. Whether you write out the entire passage or just the chapter and verse location, writing things down is proven to help you remember! 

O - Observations

What stood out to you as you read the scriptures? Did you think of something to look into deeper? Did you begin to ponder the meaning of a word? Was a moment in your life brought to mind?  This is a place for you to jot down the things that pop into your mind as you read and reflect. 

A - Application

"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;" - 2 Timothy 3:16 [NASB]
There is always value in God's Word. How are you inspired to apply this section of scripture to your life today and moving forward?

P - Prayer

What is your prayer regarding this scripture today? Journaling prayers is a wonderful way to look back and see how God answers them. Write down your prayers and praises to God and you spend your special time together. 

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